“Sedna is our siren call, activating the ability to transcend former versions of ourselves as perceived through limited, linear and one-dimensional concepts. She is here to remind us how to consciously cultivate and support this process…”  

     ~  JENNIFER T. GEHL, M.H.S.

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Award-Winning Finalist in Health: Alternative Medicine

​2023 Best Book Awards

     The times we live in require no less than a revolution of consciousness. Our planet and its people are in crisis. As citizens of the Earth, we each need to rise above the suffering and align with divine love and the sacred intelligence of nature to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth.

     Inspired by the wisdom of the indigenous Inuit culture, Spirit of Sedna: Oracle for a New Consciousness by Heidi DuPree, RN, ND is a guidebook for embracing your health issues and life difficulties as a vehicle for raising your consciousness.
     Through 36 oracle cards based on the mythology of Inuit goddess Sedna, DuPree shares her extensive knowledge in holistic health and spirituality from over thirty years of experience as a holistic nurse and traditional naturopath. Each colorful card depicts a core concept paired with a transformational affirmation. With thought-provoking insights and practical exercises, Spirit of Sedna guides readers on a transcendent journey of self-discovery and enlightenment through this interactive Kindle oracle.

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