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​     The structure, images and messages of this oracle deck came through as a "download" while meditating on Grandfather Mountain - a powerful energy vortex site in the Great Smoky Mountains. These cards were designed to assist you in:

  • developing your intuition
  • actualizing your dreams
  • raising your energetic frequencies associated with health and well-being 

Use the buttons below to purchase the 54-card deck with 2-piece box and 76-page guidebook through Etsy. Or purchase the interactive Kindle version from Amazon.

5 Star Amazon Review: "I just did my first reading with this deck, and though it was a bit of a mind shift to use the Kindle format - the cards that were pulled were very accurate. The pictures are gorgeous and the guidance is spot on. I'm excited to use these more!"

5 Star Readers' Favorite Review by Liz Konkel: "Mountain Vortex is a fascinating and well-written guide for anyone interested in learning about healing energy, cultivating mindfulness, or looking for spiritual guidance. Through colorful illustrations and messages rooted in love and wisdom, this simple-to-use divination tool will help you do your own reading and conduct effective readings for others, leaving you with a newfound sense of your life.

​​​​Shift from Turmoil to Harmony with 

Mountain Vortex:

Energy Healing Guidance Oracle Cards!

2021 International Book Awards Winner in Health: Alternative Medicine



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Heidi DuPree, RN, ND

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