Heidi DuPree is an energy healing expert who can teach you how to transform your life by leveraging your health and life difficulties.

To make an appointment for an online energy healing therapy-coaching session by Skype or Google Hangouts, send me a message indicating which days and times of day you are available and in what time zone, and the issues you would like help with.

All appointments are made by email.

​Hours are available Tuesday-Thursday 

Time Zone: EDT in Summer/EST in Winter


I return emails promptly.  If you do not get a response, please check your spam folder.

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     Heidi DuPree is a holistic nurse, award-winning author and energy healing therapist-coach who works with highly sensitive women, healers, coaches, nurses and caregivers. She teaches them how to master their energy, restore their vitality and improve their health through her coaching, writing and courses.


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​Energy Healing Solutions For Highly Sensitive Women 

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