Heidi DuPree is an energy healing expert who can teach you how to transform your life by leveraging your health and life difficulties.

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      Meditations to Awaken Your Greater Health

       These meditations will help you remember who you really are, and guide you to become more fully aligned with your innate value and wholeness. This audio program created by award-winning author and energy healing therapist Heidi DuPree, RN, CTN will support you in making the shift from conditioned, lower-self reactions to a more conscious creation of your life. 

       Use these meditations regularly, and in response to triggering situations. They will  give you the skills to awaken your greater health. You will learn how to become more heart-centered, and create a new, self-supportive and self-accepting inner dialogue. This audio program will help you to make healthier choices leading to greater effectiveness and fulfillment in your life.

     Relax, breathe and enjoy the higher-self experience of being grounded, centered and present!


Introduction to the Meditations 8:28

Meditation #1: Healing Breathing to Awaken Greater Health 13:06

Meditation #2: Energy Medicine First Aid 8:09

Meditation #3: Morning Grounding with Healing Intentions 17:02

Meditation #4: Evening Centering with Healing Affirmations 16:51

Caution: This audio program includes visualization and meditation exercises that are inappropriate for use while driving or operating heavy machinery.
Author’s note: This audio program is intended for personal growth and healing, not as a substitute for medical or psychological care. It is the listener’s responsibility to determine whether or not to seek conventional medical and/or complementary and alternative medical support for their health issues. The author shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this audio program.

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