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Professionalism and reverence for your special day

     Rev Heidi works best with couples who desire a meaningful wedding ceremony that reflects their personal values and beliefs. She officiates 2 types of wedding ceremonies: a spiritual ceremony with mention of God/Spirit/the Divine (your choice of words), or a "love" ceremony where the focus is on the power of love. Rev Heidi does not officiate civil ceremonies. She supports marriage equality.

     Rev Heidi can also officiate the following ceremonies: Unity Candle Ceremony, Unity Sand Ceremony, Breaking the Glass Ceremony, Jumping the Broom Ceremony, Handfasting Ceremony, Invocation of the Four Directions Ceremony, Vow Renewal, Burning Bowl Ceremony (for releasing the past and setting intention of the future), Full Moon or New Moon Ceremony, Solstice/Equinox Ceremony (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), Smudging Ceremony (clearing and blessing with the smoke of burning herbs).


A Ceremony that reflects your values, beliefs and Interests

      I would recommend Rev. Heidi DuPree to anyone. She was so helpful, nice and easy to work with. My husband and I appreciate all she did to make our day special. She helped to ease some of my wedding planning stress by helping us find a venue we both loved. Thanks so much Heidi! ~ Lisa

     Heidi was a fabulous officiant for our wedding. She helped us craft a unique spiritual ceremony that was perfect for our families' different religious backgrounds. She was also extremely responsive and helped us by handling marriage license paperwork and even bringing a small PA system. We were lucky to have found Heidi and highly recommend her!  ~ Jay

     We couldn't have been more pleased with everything Heidi did to make our wedding so special and full of positive energy. She went above and beyond to make sure everything went as smoothly, and stress-free, as possible throughout the entire process (from the vow creation to the wedding service). I would absolutely recommend her officiant services - she is amazing!  ~ Cindy

Ceremony is a healing practice found in spiritual traditions throughout history.  The use of ceremony and ritual is vital in connecting with our spirituality on a regular basis for health and healing. 

A nondenominational, ordained healing minister since 1996, Rev Heidi DuPree approaches weddings and ceremonies with the same energy as her healing clients - with unconditional respect, professionalism and reverence. As an energy healing therapist, Heidi  is trained to hold sacred space for your special day. She is honored to use her award-winning writing skills to help you design a ceremony that honors and celebrates your life event, big or small. 

The use of her wireless PA system for your ceremony is included in the officiant fee. It works with an mp3 player, iPod or smart phone for ceremony music and includes microphones for your readers. 

          If you see a listing for Heidi on a wedding website, please contact her directly at Heidi@HeidiDuPree.co
To schedule a ceremony, send an email with the date, time and location of the event.

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