Finding my website was no accident! You are here for a reason and I would be honored to guide you on your life path.  


Are you an empath: a sensitive ​and intuitive person who can sense the suffering and emotions of others?


Are you a lightworker:  a person who feels called to bring healing to people, animals or the environment -- and make a difference in the world? 


You are so very needed in this world! From my  30 years of experience in energy healing, I would love to offer you energy healing tools, products and information to help you shift from turmoil and doubt, to the confidence, health and harmony that actualizes your purpose. Check out my award-winning books, oracle cards, guided meditationsblog and flower essences!


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About The Other Medicine That Really Works: 

​     "Heidi's work is awesome. This book has so much value and connects dots that I have not connected yet, and I interview many people on the topics of health, emotions, etc. She's really created a lot of value in this masterpiece of a book!"

~ David Benjamin
Healthy, Wild and Free

1. An audio presentation with the 3 KEYS to removing energy blocks to having anything you want!

2. A power packed Energy Medicine Resource Bundle. 

3. A monthly email Energy Report that outlines what to expect each month and how to work with the current energies to your best advantage. 

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​​​​​Heidi DuPree, RN, ND

About Mountain Vortex: Energy Healing Guidance Oracle

​     "These oracle cards are absolutely beautiful, and have made me cry many times. I use them all the time for myself and in my client sessions. They are amazing!! Truly one of my favorites."

~ Rachel Malin

Energy Healing Solutions for Sensitives & Creatives

 ​​Award-Winning Energy Healing Books, Oracle Cards, Guided Meditations & Flower Essences

About Awaken Your Greater Health:

    "This book blew me away! It offers helpful advice for anyone who is interested in improving their energy, mental and emotional state, and deepening their spiritual awareness and connection."

~ Sandra Chaloux
Spiritual Healer & Counselor 

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